Can I Continue Using My Garden Room in Winter?

When planning to add a garden room to the home, seasonal limitations are a cause for concern. This is a due to the fact that most traditional outdoor structures, like summer houses, are only suitable for use during the warmer months of the year.

Whether or not a garden room can be used all year round depends on the specifications and features of the room in question, it is perfectly possible to add a garden room to the home that can be enjoyed during even the darkest and coldest of days.

Garden in Winter

There are various options for keeping a garden room warm and cosy throughout the year, including the following:


Insulation may be included as standard in a garden rooms design, or made available as an optional extra. Depending on the specifications and design of a garden room, it may also be possible to add insulation at a later date.

Insulation is essential for keeping a garden room warm and comfortable in winter. In the absence of insulation, most heat generated inside the room will be lost through the walls, ceiling and windows. The most effective insulation is that which is installed at the time a garden room is built, so be sure to discuss all available options with your supplier.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters can either be built into garden rooms, or brought in as an optional extra. One of the biggest benefits of an electric heater is the elimination of all risks associated with a carbon-monoxide leak. In addition, an electric heater powered by renewable energy, such as a solar panel can be hugely eco-friendly.

Smart electric heaters offer remote control via connected apps. Timers can be used to pre-heat garden rooms to perfect temperatures and advanced safety features bring total peace of mind; a great choice for keeping garden rooms warm and cosy, at a comparatively low price.

Infrared Heating

This is an alternative to the conventional electric heater, which outputs heat more gradually at a lower temperature. Infrared heating can be exceptionally energy efficient, and is also considered safe due to the comparatively gentle heat emitted.

An infrared heater is most effective when left active for prolonged periods of time, as opposed to heating a freezing-cold garden room from scratch.

Air Conditioning

There is always the option of going all out with an air conditioning system. Again, there is the option of installing a fixed AC system in your garden room, or bringing in a standalone unit.

The beauty of a high-quality air conditioner is how it brings total comfort to a garden room throughout the year. Cool and refreshing in the summer, warm and cosy in the winter – maximum year-round enjoyment. The costs of running an AC unit can be comparatively high, but they can also get the job done far quicker than most comparable heaters or coolers.

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it is perfectly possible to add a garden room to the home that can be enjoyed during even the darkest and coldest of days

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