Five Ideas for the Ultimate Garden Room

Along with being more cost-effective than an extension, a garden room can be even more practical and versatile. There is literally nothing you cannot do with your own private outdoor living space, which can be moulded and crafted into anything you want it to be.

But what are the most popular recreational uses for garden rooms in the UK?  If you are looking to set up a garden room for nothing but pure enjoyment, what are the options available?

The beauty of a bespoke garden room lies in its uniqueness. No two garden rooms are the same, and there is no reason why a garden room cannot serve multiple purposes.

Even so, some approaches to garden room design are more popular than others.

Five examples of which are as follows:

  1. An Indoor-Outdoor Relaxation Space

Some of the most desirable garden rooms are those that blur the usual barriers between the indoors and the outdoors. With the weather at its best, an area of decking complete with patio furniture provides the perfect place to relax.  When things take a turn for the worse, sheltered canopies and floor-to-ceiling windows mean the fun doesn’t have to stop.

Best of all, a well-insulated garden room can be enjoyed 365 days a year – whatever the weather.

garden room relax 2
garden room relax

2. An Outdoor Funhouse for the Kids

Providing kids with their own safe and secure private playhouse can benefit the entire household. It gives them a place to be as rowdy and noisy as they like, while preserving the peace and quiet indoors. It also means having ample storage space for their toys, games and general paraphernalia, making it much easier to keep your home clean and tidy.

As an added bonus, a garden room kitted out for the enjoyment of kids can also encourage them to spend more time playing outdoors.

3. A Private Gym and Exercise Space

Setting up your own private garden room gym at home is about more than practicality and convenience. It could also save you money long-term, when considering costly gym memberships and endless commuting, not to mention all those inevitably overpriced refreshments and accessories.

Having your own gym at home can also make it much easier to maintain a healthy exercise regime. The easier it is for you to stay fit, the higher the likelihood you and the rest of your household will.

4. A Complement to Your Swimming Pool

If you have an outdoor swimming pool, a bespoke garden room provides a versatile space with limitless practical applications. A place to get changed before and after swimming, a functional space with a bathroom and shower, or perhaps a full-on entertainment space complete with a mini-kitchen, big-screen TV, sound system and barbecue.

The more time you spend outdoors, the more value you stand to get out of your garden room.

5. An Extension of Your Home

Many garden room owners set up their outdoor spaces to mirror their interiors. They use the same colour schemes, the same approach to decorating and similar furniture in order to create a space that looks similar to those indoors.

Be it a living room, a study, a games room, a dining room or anything else, it can be a great way to extend the home without the costs or disruptions of a conventional extension.

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