How to Bring Peace and Privacy to Your Garden in Style

Owning a private outdoor living space can be an absolute joy. Over the past couple of years, we’ve all learned to appreciate the place we call home that little bit more. For those lucky enough to have their own gardens, this counts double.

Even so, a private outdoor living space is often not nearly as ‘private’ as it could be. Life in busy urban centres brings the inevitability of prying eyes on all sides. Even if your neighbours are not particularly nosey, it can be difficult to relax when you know you’re…well, on display.

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With this in mind, here are simple yet sublimely sophisticated ways to bring peace and privacy to your garden in style:

1. Plant Trees
One option is to plant trees, which over the course of time can create a beautiful natural barrier between your garden and the outside world. Conifers have always been a popular choice, due to their dense foliage and the fact that their height can be easily controlled. But if you plan on planting trees, think carefully about the future effect they may have on the surrounding space. Given a few decades, a once decorative feature could grow into something quite monstrous!

2. Bamboo
An increasingly popular choice for adding privacy to an outdoor space is bamboo. It grows fast, it’s 100% sustainable and it looks fantastic. It is also a surprisingly efficient material for reducing noise pollution, which can be a godsend in built-up areas. You can buy bamboo in the exact size and shape you’d like it, or pick up baby bamboo and enjoy watching it grow before your eyes.

3. Garden Rooms
Perhaps the single best way to convert your garden into a sublime sanctuary of peace and quiet is to add a garden room. A bespoke garden room can be just the thing to transform the practicality and appeal of even a small outdoor space. Your own private gym, a quiet relaxation space, a games room for the family, an outdoor kitchen and entertainment room – your garden room can be anything you want it to be. All while making a significant contribution to the market value of your home.

4. Pergolas
A classic pergola can look fantastic in its own right, but really comes into its own when covered in the prettiest climbing plants. Jasmine, clematis or ivy will gradually transform your pergola into a stunning feature for your entire garden. They can also be great for providing welcome shelter from the elements, and for decorating with LED strip lights, hanging lanterns and so on. The ultimate in privacy and romance for any garden, and surprisingly simple to install.

5. Feature Wall
Last up, feature walls are not normally associated with the outdoors. Nevertheless, a strategically constructed wall (which corresponds with planning permission guidelines) can be great for bringing welcome privacy to your patio, your decking and so on. An outdoor feature wall can be decorated in any way you like, and painted in any colour you choose. Hang planters, install lights and generally make it your own, or go for a natural stone or exposed brickwork finish if preferred.

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