Steel or Timber Frame: Which is better for a Garden Room?

One of the first decisions buyers must make when purchasing a garden room is its material composition. The vast majority of quality garden rooms feature a timber or steel frame, but which of the two is best?

Steel or Timber Frame: Which is better for a Garden Room?

Steel Frame: Why better for a Garden Room?

As with most things, personal preference plays a role, but it is nonetheless true to say that light steel framing has several key features that can be highly advantageous.

Examples of which include the following:


The density and durability of lightweight steel make for a significantly stronger material. In fact, a high-quality steel frame can be up to 25x stronger than a traditional timber frame. The material is also resistant to moisture, making it impervious to rotting, splitting or warping.

Incredibly, a well-engineered steel frame for a structure such as a garden room can have a lifespan of up to 250 years. Often significantly longer than the property it sits on, adding up to unbeatable value for money.

Garden Room Installation

Garden Room build and durability


While the initial purchase price of a steel-frame garden room may be slightly higher, it can still constitute a more cost-effective purchase. For one thing, the frames are supplied in prefabricated panels, simplifying and accelerating the installation process.

In addition, the lifespan of a steel frame is almost always far longer than that of a comparable timber frame. When considered long-term, the affordability of a quality steel-frame structure is unrivalled.

Speed and Convenience

The installation process will always vary significantly from one structure and property to the next. However, erecting a garden room with a steel frame is often up to 50% faster than installing a wooden structure.

This not only makes for a faster installation, but also minimises disruption. The primary frame of a steel garden room can be assembled in just a few hours, with sizes and specifications available to suit all outdoor spaces.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient garden rooms

Energy Efficiency

U-values of less than 0.15 W/m2K can be achieved with a steel-frame garden room, without the need to construct it with overly-thick walls. This results in more spacious interiors to enjoy throughout all four seasons, with excellent protection from even the coldest weather.

The durability of a garden room with a steel-frame also ensures your installation is protected from adverse weather conditions. Ideal for homes in the UK, where the unpredictability of the weather is world renowned!


Steel can also be a more environmentally friendly choice than timber.  Along with requiring no trees to be cut down to produce the materials, CO2 emissions during transportation are minimised due to the structure’s lightweight properties.

The material in a steel garden room frame in their entirety can be recycled and put back to good use. The whole frame can be melted down and transformed into new materials, with no loss of quality or structural integrity.

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