The Finishing Touches for Your Rustic Garden Room

When it comes to designing and decorating a garden room, there are limitless options to explore. But in terms of pure and simple enjoyment, the best approach is often the simplest. Taking things back to basics really can pave the way for the ultimate outdoor relaxation and recreation space.

A garden room provides you with the basic framework you need to enjoy the great outdoors, 365 days a year. The finishing touches you add to your garden room are entirely up to you, but there’s much to be said for the rustic approach.

Artist Studio Garden Room
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Think something of a twist on the classic modern farmhouse theme and you won’t be a million miles away.

A beautifully-designed garden room with wooden cladding is already well on its way to being a rustic masterpiece. But if you want to complete the picture in style, here is what to add to your rustic garden room:

Rustic Outdoor Furniture
The space right outside your garden room should be used to its full potential. Whether you lay decking, install a patio or simply relax on the lawn, a compact contingency of rustic outdoor furniture goes a long way.

One option is to pick up used and/or distressed outdoor furniture from a second-hand store, or shop for it online. The other is to give your preferred wooden garden furniture that ‘shabby chic’ look yourself, by taking to it with some sandpaper and a pot of paint.

What is great about the rustic look is how nothing needs to match. In fact, the whole thing often looks better when each piece of furniture and decorative fixture is unique.

Rustic Pots and Planters
This is even easier to pull off, as there is no shortage of recycled and reclaimed planters doing the rounds. Natural terracotta and wood look particularly great, as does anything with a natural and distinctly earthy colour.

Most gardens (and certainly garden sheds) are home to at least a modest amount of weathered and slightly distressed pots and planters. All of which can be just the thing for bringing that rustic look together, perhaps treated to a very basic coat of paint if preferred.
Position these pots and planters inside and outside your garden room for maximum effect.

Rustic Outdoor Lighting
Lastly, the easiest way to bring rustic lighting into your garden room’s exterior design is to go for something entirely modern. By this, we mean setting yourself up with a bunch of rustic-looking LED lights, strip lights, lanterns and so on.

Battery-powered lights designed to mimic the flickering effects of candles can be particularly atmospheric. Best of all, they are cheap, they are readily available, and they are completely safe.

Likewise, a series of solar-powered lights can be just the thing to create the perfect mood when the sun sets. A fantastically sustainable solution, which can also be surprisingly rustic in its appeal.

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