Why a Garden Office is the Ultimate Productivity Package for the Home

Working from home has become the norm for millions of employees across the UK. The potential benefits of home working are well documented – not least the amount of time saved on commuting to and from the office.

Before coronavirus struck, the average person spent a whopping 490 days of their lives on their daily commute. That is almost a year and half wasted.

Hence, working from home is embraced as a joy by most that have the option of doing so. Home working is not without its downsides, but the pros more than outweigh the cons.

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Office Garden Room

But when it comes to setting up the ultimate productivity space at home, you sometimes have to look beyond the confines of your interiors. If you are lucky enough to have your own garden, building your dream office outdoors can be just the thing.

What is a Garden Office?

As the name suggests, a garden office is a garden room that is purpose-built as a productivity space. Available in shapes, sizes and configurations to suit most types of gardens, an outdoor office effectively provides the best of all worlds.

Garden offices offer just enough separation to combat the distractions of home life, while reducing the daily commute to a 5-second walk. All with the comfort and warmth to work productively throughout the year, surrounded on all sides by the relaxing sights and sounds of nature.

Why is a Garden Office Better than a Standard Home Office?

The biggest benefit of an outdoor office is the way in which it enables you to draw a clear line between your professional life and your personal life.  Working indoors, it is inevitable that the distractions and disruptions of everyday life will hamper your productivity. With kids and pets about the place, it can be practically impossible to focus fully on your work.

With a garden office, all the benefits of working on normal business premises are combined with the advantages of working from home. You have a completely separate structure in which to do business, which just happens to be located directly on your property.

Enhanced productivity with fewer distractions adds up to a less stressful day at the office, and more enjoyable times away from work. All making it much easier to achieve the perfect work-life balance, which often proves difficult for home workers.

Is Planning Permission Needed for a Garden Office?

Garden rooms fall within the same ‘outbuildings’ category as sheds, greenhouses and garages. Consequently, planning permission is rarely required to construct and install a garden room.

Planning permission will only be needed if the dimensions of the garden room you intend to install exceed those permitted, in accordance with standard building regulations and development guidelines. Your garden room provider will provide you with the help and support you need to determine whether you need planning permission, and to handle your application if planning permission is necessary

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