Why Build a Garden Room for Your London Property?

The popularity of garden rooms in London is at an all-time high, which is Understandable, given how space is always in short supply in the capital.

Installing a garden room can be fantastic for making efficient use of the exterior space you have available; cheaper and less disruptive than an extension, opting for a garden room in London can be truly transformative for any type of home.

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Garden Room London

Not to mention, the versatility of a garden room that can be literally anything you want it to be.

Why are garden rooms proving more popular than ever among homeowners in London? Here is why:

1 – Extra Space

A garden room can be just the thing for creating additional space at an affordable price. As house prices continue to skyrocket, relocation to a larger home may not be a viable option. But with a spacious garden room designed to your exact specifications, it may also not be necessary.

2 – Quick and Easy Installation

Extensions and major structural modifications can bring months of disruption to the home. With a garden room, it is often possible to erect the entire structure within two weeks. All with no disruption to your household as the construction process in its entirety takes place outdoors.

3 – Increased Property Value

A quality garden room has the potential to be an investment that will ultimately pay for itself. Garden rooms always make significant contributions to a home’s market value. Even if you have no intention of selling your home in the near future, your garden room will ensure you get the best possible price when you do.

4 – Seclusion and Separation

Relaxing and unwinding in a garden room can be so much more satisfying than taking time out indoors. A garden room offers the kind of seclusion and separation that can be an absolute gift, when the chaos of everyday life gets too much. You may be just a few steps from home, but you still feel a million miles away.

5 – Practicality and Versatility

Not only can a garden room be anything you want it to be, but it can also be a multipurpose space. A home office combined with a workout area, a cinema room combined with a guest bedroom, it has limitless potential. You could even set up your own practice space or private recording studio in your very own soundproof garden room.

6 – Year Round Enjoyment

Insulation and energy-efficient heaters combine to create a comfortable and cosy space you can enjoy throughout all four seasons; perfect for magical afternoons and evenings in summer, or for soaking up your surroundings on a crisp winter’s day.

7 – Fully Bespoke Design

There really is nothing like having your own dream space built to your exact specifications. A bespoke garden room can be tailored in countless ways, in order to reflect your preferences and your personality;, all for a cost significantly lower than that of a comparable extension to your home.

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