Year-Round Insulated Garden Rooms

Instant garden rooms provide a flexible, versatile and cost-effective alternative to a traditional extension. Garden rooms also bring the benefits of a fully independent outdoor living space positioned a short distance from the home.

For maximum comfort and enjoyment, year round garden rooms with energy efficient insulation are unbeatable; insulated garden rooms with installation packages can bring an entirely new dynamic to almost any home within a matter of days.

Garden rooms enable you to take full advantage of the space you have available, throughout all four seasons.

Office Garden Room

What Is An Insulated Garden Room?
As the name suggests, an insulated garden room is a structure that is designed with energy efficient insulation at its core. This enables a comfortable temperature to be maintained within the space throughout the year, irrespective of how cold or hot it gets outdoors.
Our bespoke garden rooms comprise a variety of features that come together to help maintain comfortable interior temperatures, whatever the weather:
• Premium grade insulation – The highest quality insulating materials are used in the construction of the walls, the floor and the roof of the structure itself, keeping cold air at bay and retaining warmth.
• High quality double glazing – All glazed units in the windows and doors of our garden rooms are manufactured with the highest-grade double-glazing for maximum thermal efficiency.
• Breathable design – Efficient ventilation and air circulation are essential, in order to maintain dry and comfortable conditions within. Our garden rooms are meticulously designed to avoid issues with dampness and condensation.
• In-built heating systems – Our garden rooms can also be supplied and installed with in-built heaters, or upgraded at a later date with a wide variety of energy-efficient heating appliances.
• Optional air-conditioning – For maximum enjoyment during the warmer months of the year, your garden room can also be fitted with an energy-efficient air conditioning system.
Each of the above plays a major role in keeping our garden rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However you intend to use your garden room, you will get way more enjoyment from your outdoor space with energy-efficient insulation.
An Essential for Outdoor Home Offices
If you are planning on setting up an outdoor home office, it is essential to prioritise insulation.
An inadequately insulated garden room can quickly become uncomfortable or entirely impractical when the weather turns cold; just as issues with dampness and condensation can pose a risk to computer systems, electronics and other office equipment.
For home workers looking to set up a viable year-round office space, a well-insulated garden room is the best option.

Garden office
Garden Room Office

Why Choose a Riverside Insulated Garden Room?
At Riverside, our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to consistently outperform our competitors.
Just a few of the benefits of organising your instant garden room installation with Riverside include the following:
• A cost-effective alternative to a traditional extension with a long-term warranty.
• Full supply and installation of your garden room within 1 to 5 days.
• A wide variety of contemporary styles to suit all types of gardens.
• Premium-quality installation for guaranteed year-round enjoyment.
• Clear and honest pricing with no hidden costs, fees or extras at any time.
• Obligation-free quotations and home design visits at convenient times.
For more information on the benefits of year-round insulated garden rooms or to discuss any of our products in more detail, contact a member of the team at Riverside Garden Rooms today.

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