You need a foundation for your garden room that is constructed using the highest-quality materials to ensure a lifetime of endurance, whatever its use. We use ground screws made from recycled steels for superior versatility and support.

Garden Room Set Up

The future of underpinning, high-performance ground screws anchor your garden room to the ground for a lifetime of stability with the additional benefits of increased headroom (under permitted development regulations) and a cleaner site due to a reduction in heavy machinery required for the install.

Ground screws are the innovative foundation solution that bypasses the need for traditional foundations like concrete and offer the perfect solution for projects on sloping, uneven ground or in hard-to-access areas. Ground screws are 70% faster to install than concrete, and you can build on them straight away.

This approach to modern construction shows more respect for the natural environment than current methods do. The soil remains unsealed, so foundations can be removed cleanly and without hassle. Ground screws not only compliment the natural environment, but also present an entirely new, efficient, time and cost saving construction process for Garden Rooms.

This fast and straightforward foundation method provides each project with high quality at low cost. It ecologically and economically out-performs previous building practices.

With the assistance of practical handheld installation driver and equipment, ground screws are super quick to install with total precision. Suitable for all soil types even on hill sides.

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