For those with a larger garden and in need of the ultimate garden room, The Berwyn sits proudly at the top of our range at 7m x 4m. Need a meditation zone to keep your mind sharp? Or perhaps you require a beautiful office for your growing business without the commitment of rent, rates and daily commute?

Priced from £31,245

The Berwyn Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation Garden Room

The Berwyn – Relaxation/Meditation/Yoga Garden Room

From time to time, we all need to escape for some much deserved me-time. But when already balancing a busy workload with a hectic family life, finding time for relaxation and reflection is not easy.

This is where your own private outdoor sanctuary could make all the difference.  Providing just the right amount of separation from the real world, a tranquil space for moments of pure escapism could transform your lifestyle.

From meditation to yoga to everyday relaxation, our bespoke garden rooms are all about peace, privacy and pure practicality. Call today to learn more, or to arrange an obligation-free home design visit at your convenience.

Benefits of a Yoga / Relaxation Garden Room

You may not be aware of it, but there are well-documented benefits to outdoor meditation, yoga and relaxation.

Just a few of the benefits of setting up your own outdoor sanctuary for moments of pure bliss include:

Your Own Space – By taking your relaxation and mindfulness activities outdoors, you escape both the chaos and the confines of your home’s interior spaces.

Sunshine – A garden room with full-length windows makes the most of all available natural light, enabling you to bathe in sunshine and build vitamin D.

Back to Nature – There’s no more inspiring backdrop for yoga or meditation than nature, which can be enjoyed from your garden room in all four seasons.

Health Benefits – Studies have shown how exercising and relaxing outdoors can support better mental health, releasing endorphins for a major mood boost.

Cost-Effective – With your own home yoga studio and relaxation space, you will no longer need any costly gym memberships, and nor will you have to waste time commuting.

Combined with a significant contribution to your property’s market value, your private relaxation and recreation place could be the ultimate investment for your home.

What To Consider For A Garden Room Yoga Studio?

Your garden room yoga studio can be customised in a variety of ways, with limitless scope for personalisation. Key considerations to be aware of when planning to install a garden room include the following:

Lighting – The lighting you choose for your garden room should replicate natural light as closely as possible. As you will most likely be using your yoga/meditation space at various times of day or night, strategic inclusion of high-quality light fixtures is essential.

Climate Control – All Riverside Garden Rooms are insulated to residential property standards, with a broad range of heating and cooling systems available as optional extras. With an efficient climate control system, you will be able to enjoy your dream relaxation space 365 days a year.

Music and Entertainment – From sound systems to flat screen TVs and more, you can bring as much (or as little) additional entertainment into your garden room as you like. If preferred, you could always double-up the functionality of your yoga studio by making it a relaxation and recreation space.

cor – Most yoga studios and meditation spaces feature fairly minimalist décor, but it’s entirely up to you how you decorate your garden room. Keep things elegant and understated, or bring all the inspiring prints and patterns you like into the space.

Equipment  – You will also need to consider the type of equipment you will be using in your garden room. From non-slip flooring to yoga blocks to cushions to weights to full-size gym equipment, the sky’s the limit for your very own relaxation and exercise space at home.

For more information on any of the above or to discuss the benefits of our garden rooms in more detail, contact a member of the team at Riverside today.

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