Need some more space? The Grove is a generously proportioned garden studio at 6m x 3m, with dimensions that allow for zonal usage. Its rectangular footprint would sit perfectly at the end of your garden, beckoning you to escape the main house to your own private sanctuary.

Priced from £25,495

The Grove Garden Room Bar, Cinema, Games Room

The Grove – Multi-Purpose Garden Room

The Grove garden room offers a variety of multi-purpose uses, some of which are explained below:

Home Cinema – There’s nothing quite like a good movie to bring family and friends closer together. Trips to the movies are great, but can be shockingly expensive at the best of times. A night in front of the TV is the next best thing, but what if there was an option that combines the best of both worlds? There is – your very own private garden room cinema!

Bar – Another great way to bring your home to life with a luxurious entertainment space is to set up your own garden bar. Become the instant envy of your friends and neighbours, while saving money on expensive nights on the town.

Games Room – Why not transform your garden with the ultimate outdoor games room? Fun and games for the whole family, your dream garden games room can be customised to suit your exact tastes and preferences. The pinball machine you’ve had your eye on, that classic jukebox you’ve been dying to buy, maybe the pool table of your dreams – your garden games room can be anything you want it to be.

Why Install a Garden Room Cinema? 

A garden room cinema is the ultimate entertainment space, with the convenience of being situated just a few steps from your door. With a garden room cinema, you get to enjoy the full movie theatre experience whenever you like and entirely on your own terms.

No commuting, no queuing for tickets, no noisy crowds, no overpriced popcorn – just you, your favourite movies and those you choose to share them with.

With a garden room cinema, you can recreate the immersive atmosphere of a classic movie theatre in your very own home. For more information on our bespoke garden room cinemas or to arrange a free design consultation at your convenience, contact a member of the team at Riverside Garden rooms today.

Benefits of a Garden Cinema Room

Set up a customer garden cinema room in your own garden and you’ll soon wonder how you ever got by without it. Just a few of the benefits of owning a garden cinema room include the following:

Total Privacy – Your private home cinema is yours and yours alone to enjoy, with none of the usual sticky floors, noisy crowds or endless queues.

A Dedicated Space – Owning a space dedicated to movies and entertainment can be great for freeing up space indoors, giving the whole family more space to enjoy.

Cost-Effective – Over time, the costs of family trips to the cinema can quickly add up – often more than £50 for a family of four. With your own home cinema room, it’s all free, all the time.

Curb Appeal – A private cinema can be just the thing to add major curb appeal to your home and maximise its market value.

Considerations When Installing a Garden Room Cinema

In order to set up your ideal outdoor entertainment space, you will need to factor in the following considerations:

  • Location for your garden room cinema
  • Insulation, heating and cooling
  • Access to electricity and wiring
  • Cinema system installation
  • Seating and amenities
  • Theme and décor

At Riverside Garden Rooms, our skilled design team will provide you with the advice and input you need to improve your home with a private cinema room at a price you can afford.

Why Have a Garden Bar?

With your own bespoke garden bar, all the fun you could ever want is literally right on your doorstep.

At Riverside, we specialise in custom garden room pubs and bars to suit all preferences and budgets. Supplied complete with a 10-year warranty as standard, our garden rooms bring the benefit of year-round use and can be customised in a variety of ways.

Looking for a good excuse to set up your own private bar at home? Consider the following:

A Place to Entertain – A garden room bar is the perfect place to entertain family and friends, without disturbing the rest of your household in the process.

Ambient and Atmospheric – You can design and decorate your garden bar anywhere you like, recreating the look and feel of a traditional pub, a sophisticated cocktail bar or even a bespoke bistro.

Keep Your Alcohol Out of the House – If you have children at home, a garden room bar brings the benefit of being able to keep your alcohol out of sight and safely out of reach at all times.

A Multipurpose Space to Enjoy – Between parties and gatherings, why not use your garden room bar as an outdoor relaxation space, a study, a cinema room or even a home office?

The Benefits of a Garden Bar

Still not convinced? A few more reasons to consider setting up your own garden bar at home:

  • You’ll save a fortune on conventional nights out
  • Your insulated garden bar can be enjoyed 365 days a year
  • You’ll never have to worry about buses or taxis home
  • Your home will benefit from added curb appeal
  • Your garden room bar can be customised to your exact tastes

For more information on the benefits of garden room bars or to arrange an obligation-free home design visit, contact a member of the team at Riverside today.

What to Consider with a Garden Room Bar

Before installation of your garden room bar gets underway, it is important to consider the following:

  • The ideal location for your garden room bar
  • Space for a refrigerator, freezer and other appliances
  • Storage space for drinks, glasses and accessories
  • Lighting fixtures and their positions
  • Electrical sockets and wiring
  • Music, TV screens and entertainment
  • Seating for guests
  • Heating and cooling for climate control
  • Theming and interior design

You can call Riverside Garden Rooms anytime to learn more about our bespoke garden bars, or to discuss your vision for the perfect outdoor recreation space.

Why Choose a Garden Games Room?

A garden room is the perfect place for a games room, creating a dedicated and separate space for friends and family to enjoy. However rowdy and noisy things get, you won’t have to worry about disturbing the rest of your household.

Stylish and multi-functional, a garden games room can be configured in limitless ways. Install a full-size projector, set up your own bar, make it the ultimate video gamer’s paradise, anything goes!

Best of all, our fully-insulated garden rooms are suitable for year-round use, so the fun doesn’t have to come to an end on account of the cold weather.

The Benefits of a Garden Games Room

Setting yourself up with the garden games room of your dreams will bring your household the following benefits:

Total Privacy – A soundproof games room provides the freedom to get up to anything you like, without having to worry about disturbing your family or your neighbours.

Seclusion and Escapism – Separated from your home by just a few steps, an outdoor games room nonetheless brings the benefits of welcome seclusion and escapism when called for.

Fun For the Whole Family – Not only is it good for enjoyable afternoons and evenings with the family, it’s also the perfect place for kids to enjoy themselves at weekends.

A Social Space – With everything you need to entertain friends and family at home, you’ll save money on costly trips to pubs, pool halls and pricey cocktail bars.

Considerations When Installing a Garden Games Room

In order to set up your dream outdoor games room, you will need to factor in the following considerations:

  • The best place in your garden for your games room
  • Reinforced flooring to support heavy items
  • Positioning of games and entertainment equipment
  • Installation of TVs, audio systems and video games
  • Wiring and access to electrical outlets
  • Inclusion of a refrigerator and other appliances
  • Heating and cooling for climate control
  • Theming and interior design

For more information on our bespoke garden games rooms or to arrange a free design consultation at your convenience, contact a member of the team at Riverside Garden rooms today.

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